Duracell x Patrick Willis

This started off as a much smaller project. Duracell asked to do something with Patrick Willis, All-Pro NFL Linebacker of the 49ers. They didn't have a lot of money and there wasn't a lot of time. After doing some research, we discovered this wonderful back story about power and perseverance. His story inspired this "Trust the Power Within" idea and suddenly Duracell the brand had a new position. People reacted so positively to the film on social media that this piece of content inspired several other films that followed and helped Duracell see itself in a fresh new light.

Featured on Creativity

Client: Duracell          Role: Art Direction, Design          Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi          Awards: One Show Merit 2013

Duracell x Amy Purdy

Like Patrick's, Amy Purdy's story is one of perserverence and incredible power. She was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis at age 19, when she lost her spleen and both legs from below the knees. With just a 2% chance of survival, her chances of beating the disease were slim. But she fought back and has accomplished more than most people on two legs could ever dream of. She's been on Dancing with the Stars, signed major endorsement deals and competed for her country in the last two Paralympic Games as a competitive snowboarder. We cheered Amy on during her journey to Sochi in 2014 with a follow up social campaign to go along with the film using #TrustYourPower