adidas HBE

Welcome To The Kingdom

Honoring Black Excellence is a year round adidas initiative that celebrates Black individuals for their achievements and contributions throughout their community. We honored 7 individuals around the country across different adidas channels, from elite athletes to everyday community members dedicated to service, offering each one a platform to help give back and share their stories. Launched during Black History Month, the HBE initiative was announced to introduce the honorees through a creative platform that spotlights Black excellence where it lives, elevating communities to the ultimate symbol of excellence - The Kingdom.

Created with Keith Cartwright, Ben Bliss, Chelsea Ceasor, Taylor Whitelow

Client: adidas          Role: Creative Direction          Agency: Cartwright

Running | Jackie Joyner-Kersee | East St. Louis, IL
Basketball | Etop Udo-Ema | Compton, CA 
Baseball | CJ & Kelli Stewart | Atlanta, GA
Originals | Nathaly Delacruz | The Bronx, NY
Originals | Alexis Douglas | Winston-Salem, NC
Skateboarding | Tyshawn Jones | The Bronx, NY


In The Kingdom, We Give Black Excellence Flowers 

Too often, impactful figures in the Kingdom aren’t recognized until they’re gone. HBE is all about giving individuals the recognition they deserve in the here and now. To activate the initiative all year, adidas wanted to leave lasting legacies in honor of these individuals through a powerful enduring gesture with illustrated murals and bespoke zines that told each honoree's story with reveal events in their communities.

Illustrated by Brandon Breaux @bbreaux